iPhone 4 Launching on June 24th in 5 countries , Pre-orders begin on June 15th

The newly launched iPhone 4 will be available in 5 countries including USA , France , Germany , UK and Japan on June 24th. Pre-orders will begin on June 15th itself.

It will hit more countries in 2010 including

Australia , Austria , Belgium, Canada , Denmark, Finland, HongKong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway , New Zealand , Singapore , South Korea , Spain , Sweden and Switzerland.

Apple aims to bring the iPhone 4 to 88 countries by September 2010 !

No sign of India in that list !

via gdgt

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Mayank

    Im not at all waiting for iphone 4.It look like new wine in same old bottle.

  • Angad Singh

    Let’s keep our fingures crossed as these are just 18 out of the 88…. I hope India is in the list as it’s very tought t get GPRS setup on phone not bought from India…..
    @mayank stop crying…. It’s a new wine in a new bottle…… I see u r crying on all iPhone 4 posts…. Also let me tell u what’s new n I will tell u ony a few
    1 1ghz
    2 retina diplay
    3 5mp camera
    4 led flash
    5 os 4
    6 multitasking
    7 thinnest phone yet
    8 new crystal glass much stronger than plastic n fiber…..
    9 fully stainless steel body…….
    N many more new things so quit whinning n buy an android phone….

  • Rajesh Pradhan

    Dear Sir,

    I have asked I phone from S. Korea and brought the same. But I found the I phone only apple logo back side and wifi with lather cover, one side phone and other side keyboard model is t2000. Is any I phone of your company got the same model.

    Rajesh Pradhan