The Road To Nokia World 2011 Part 1: The Need For A Clear Future

Nokia World 2011 is scheduled for next week in London and it is undoubtedly the most hyped and the most important event in recent Nokia history. Throughout this week, FoneArena will take a look at expectations, realities and myths related to this particular year, in preparation for the big reveals that will come on October 26th and 27th. Join us in this journey, comment, share your thoughts, and feel with us the excitement as the big days approach!

One clear truth that everyone knows, regarding Nokia World 2011, is that it might be the event that makes or breaks Nokia’s future. I say “might” because there are many stories of companies sunk thousands times deeper and gone way beyond salvaging that still managed to reinvent and re-institute themselves. However nowadays, the world, especially the tech world, is less forgiving with each passing day. Hence I say “it might”, understanding the possibility of miracles, yet hoping it won’t come down to that. Continue reading “The Road To Nokia World 2011 Part 1: The Need For A Clear Future”