Review – Olixar Tempered Glass Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note5

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The first thing that I thought to myself when we were receiving a review unit for a screen protector is whether it is worth reviewing one. I thought about it and well it probably makes more sense than any other accessory we review for smartphones these days and that has got to do with the fact that the touchscreen is arguably the most important component of our smartphone. It serves as the medium through which we communicate, create and consume content on our devices. Without the screen, essentially the phone is useless and its kind of like the windshield on a car. So it makes perfect sense to review a screen protector especially for a flagship product such as the Samsung Galaxy Note5 whose screen is all the more impressive. So lets go ahead and check out the Olixar tempered glass protector.

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Protect Your Nokia N8 With Martin Fields and ToughGuard

The Nokia N8 is one of the most solid devices built to date: with an anodized aluminum body that can take some beating and come back victorious and a gorilla glass screen that defeats scratches by nature, it’s hard to find a reason why you would need, nay want, a screen protector or carrying case. However, I have come across a few pictures of tortured N8s with scratched bodies or screens and while I knew that it would take a lot of unfortunate events to get them to that state, I knew that I wanted the best class protection for my lovely orange N8. See, I’m a clumsy person, and it isn’t a rare scenario for me to drop my phone because I was hand gesturing too much or carrying many items with it in one hand. So I turned to MobileFun whom I knew would have the best and most extensive catalog of Nokia N8 screen savers and cases.

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