HP Slate 7 Photo Gallery

Earlier today, HP unveiled it’s first Android tablet, the Slate7! We’ve spotted HP’s budget entry into the Android world tonight at the Pepcom event and switched on the cameras. We’ve managed to get our hands on the red version and were immediately surprised by the good first impression. The biggest advantage of the Slate7? Its price! Starting at just USD 169, HP is ready to enter an already crowded market. So, what’s the Slate7 all about?

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LG sends out invites for MWC 2013 Media Preview

LG just confirmed its presence at Mobile World Congress 2013 which we did hear about at CES 2013. LG will be showing of its products for 2013 at the first day of the mega event just before the show begins.The invite has the number 4 on the top and we are not sure what LG is trying to convey through it.May be we could see 4 new mobile products from LG Mobile .  LG has been teasing its upcoming products including a new F-series and there have been a lot of rumours about the Optimus G Pro and even a official announcement in Japan Continue reading “LG sends out invites for MWC 2013 Media Preview”

Mobile World Congress 2013 Candidate Cities announced

Barcelona is known as the Mecca of the Mobile Industry as the world’s largest annual Mobile event takes place here. It’s not moving anywhere for the next 2 years as its confirmed as the venue for both the 2011 and 2012 MWCs. But it’s not certain that the situation will remain the same forever as the GSMA has announced the candidate cities to host the conference starting from the year 2013. Continue reading “Mobile World Congress 2013 Candidate Cities announced”