Lost your mobile phone what can you do

Mobile phone theft is very high in India

We often get emails and message from users telling ” I have lost my mobile phone today what can I do ? ”

The sad truth is that you can’t do much after you have lost the phone.

You can block the phone number and phone with your Operator like Airtel or Vodafone by providing your IMEI number which is a unique serial number for each mobile phone.

It must be present in your bill if you purchased the phone from a shop

But thieves swap SIM cards the moment they steal the phone .. So your number wont be active anymore.

You can make use of mobile theft tracker like the bpl tracker 

or more advanced applications which are available today .. Continue reading “Lost your mobile phone what can you do”

If you Lose your mobile often Micro Mobile Controller might be your saviour

If you have been at the receiving end of a scheming, lowly mobile phone thief or snatcher, you are probably upset more at the loss of crucial data. For all of us know, we can replace a handset, but how the heck do we replace our precious store house of information, phone numbers etc?

Mumbai-based Micro Technologies has a solution made for those of us who either lose or misplace a handset.

The Micro Mobile Controller System will help you to remotely manage your lost mobile handset. The solution creates a backup of all contact details even after the loss of a mobile handset. 

Once it is installed on to the compatible handset, the user has to provide two add-on recipients mobile numbers, which could be a mobile number of any friend/family/colleague. In case of stolen or lost handsets, the information can be easily retrieved using the add-on recipient mobile phones. Continue reading “If you Lose your mobile often Micro Mobile Controller might be your saviour”