Kingston HyperX Cloud Core – Gaming Headset Review

kingston_hyperx_cloud_core (2)

It is easy to find a good pair of earphones that could also be used for gaming. However, they would lack a built in microphone and will most likely be quite costly. What is near impossible to get is a gaming headset that also works really well at music playback. They may be great at providing an acoustic experience while gaming but when you are listening to music or watching movies, that experience is more of a pain that you have to bear with rather than an enjoyable experience. Kingston is a brand that we’ve come to know and like for their wonderful memory product and now, they are dipping their toes in acoustic waters as well. The new Kingston HyperX Cloud aims to be a gaming headset that can provide you with good quality acoustic experience outside the gaming arena as well. Let us take a closer look at the review to see whether it achieves that or not.

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