Gionee Dream D1 Review

The stupendous growth of India’s indigenous smartphone industry is proof of the demand for smart devices at ‘feature phone ‘ prices. We’ve finally reached a point when even the mid range devices can be considered as fast enough for a majority of the users and smartphone manufacturers are definitely capitalizing on this.


Another day and we spot yet another entrant in the increasingly packed Android phone market in India with hopes of carving a niche for itself. Gionee has launched its flagship device, the Dream D1, that hopes to hit all the checkpoints in terms of buzzwords and provide ‘high-end’ features to users on a moderate budget. Can it succeed in providing a flagship level experience at a fraction of the price ? We spent a week with the handset to gauge for ourself and here is our Gionee Dream D1 review. Continue reading “Gionee Dream D1 Review”