Review: iPad cases from Speck

The first thing that makes Apple products stand out of the crowd, is it’s aesthetic design and elementary looks and that what makes Apple fan boys like us to show off our latest purchase. But the simple problem that lies with all the shiny gadgets in the world that it easily get scratched and smudges seems to swim all over it in no time and Apple products are no exceptions here. Exactly same thing happened, I got my shiny new iPad and within hours it’s oleophobic screen was full of smudges, I found a lint free cloth on old spectacle box and used it to clean the screen and with little force I had my first scratch on my iPad. Not only me, we have received hundreds and hundreds of mails from many early adopters asking us to suggest them a iPad case cover and even those who don’t have iPad and feels this post is not for you, I must warn you are missing something. Continue reading “Review: iPad cases from Speck”