Foxconn Employee Commits Suicide After Losing 4G iPhone Prototype

Mobile Phones are some of the consumer products with the greatest hype and thus most consumers love news, photos or any information regarding future phones and products. Many models of handsets are leaked to the public while some are kept secret till the moment of announcement.

One such example was the 1st Generation iPhone which was kept a secret till the last moment. Rumours were doing the rounds about the phone but nothing about the features or any photo leaked. Then when people began to write off the rumours, Apple made the announcement with a bang creating tremendous hype.

But today we hear the sad news and wonder whether all this secrecy is worth it. According to sources, 25 year old Sun Danyong, an employee at Foxconn committed suicide. The reason for this is because he lost a 4th Generation Prototype of the Apple iPhone which was entrusted to him to be shipped to Apple. Continue reading “Foxconn Employee Commits Suicide After Losing 4G iPhone Prototype”