Droid Autofocus bug is the weirdest bug. Ever.


One of the main gripes of Motorola’s latest flagship beast is it’s problem with getting a proper auto focus with its 5 Mp shooter. This has been the case since it’s launch and it now seems, to have been magically(through a silent over-the-air update actually) to have been fixed, until the 11th of December that is.  The strange thing is that according to Dan Morrill, from Google’s Android team, the bug is related to a time-stamp bug:

According to Google Engineer Dan Morrill, there is an unfortunate bug in the Droid’s auto focus routine. It improperly rounds a timestamp used in the calculations, which somehow throws the entire focusing process off. Today it works, and tomorrow it will work…but 24.5 days from now, the bug will be back.”

Meaning to say that after the 11th December, if you do not update your droid, the camera’s autofocus will automatically go bonkers. But according to Verizon’s 5 page treatise on the Droid’s known issues, their firmware update will be coming with a permanent fix which should solve most of the droid’s software related bugs.

Still, its a little creepy in the way how the Droid got updated so silently and without the knowledge of the consumer. But for the year of 2009, were there an award for the weirdest bug, this auto-focus bug would surely win it…


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