VSCO Cam to be available on Android tomorrow

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Visual Supply Co, a firm known for making tools for creators is the maker of the VSCO Cam app for iOS. The app is popular for its minimalistic UI and ultra-real film filters that professional photographers want on a mobile device. After a long wait, it is finally coming to Android tomorrow. The folks at VSCO have announced this at their blog with a small teaser video featuring the Android app, watch it here –


Update: Now available for download!

VSCO Cam is well-equipped to aid you in creating beautiful images. Upon download, the app includes 10 Presets and an array of editing Tools free of charge. Additional VSCO Preset Packs and Tools, tailored for specific situations and aesthetics, will also be available for purchase within the in-App store.

Along with these stunning Presets and incredible Tools, VSCO Grid℠ will also be accessible to Android users through the VSCO Cam app. Defined by Creativity, Curation and Connection, VSCO Grid is a minimalist publishing platform that honors both art and artist. Built as an online gallery for mobile photographers to showcase their best work, VSCO Grid will be available to both Android and iPhone users alike. Start your own VSCO Grid, and join this vibrant community of talented individuals!

The blog says that the app will be made available free, with quite a number of in-app purchases just like the iPhone version. The app comes with 10 preset filters and an array of editing tools, which can make the picture as if it was taken on film or even processed through PhotoShop. The app will also have a social factor to it, in the form of VSCO Grid, which is pretty much like a minimal instagram. Now talking of Instagram, it has its own nice filters but people who use VSCO Cam seem to like these more, but soon, the Android jury will pass the judgement soon. We will be taking a look at this app once it releases and let you know when it goes live on the Play Store. You can check out the source link for camera samples taken with the VSCO Cam.

Source VSCO cam Blog

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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