Motorola might exit mobile handset business

Motorola’s mobile handset business is making big losses .. Moto’s sales went down almost 40% last quarter.

A Researcher from Nomura  ,Richard Windsor has pointed out that Moto might shut shop its loss making cellphone and mobile handset business to concentrate on other products. Researchers are late .. we hinted at this after Nokia bought Trolltech yesterday We said

Does this mean that Motorola , which is already having problems with its handset business has to shut down it handset business ?

Interestingly Motorola uses Qt platform for some of its phones and Motorola is a leading developer of Linux based phones.

Also would it be great if Nokia acquires Motorola’s handset business ?

Nokia seems to be thinking beyond the mobile these days .

Personally I feel Motorola’s handset business might do great in the hands of Nokia or Sony Ericsson.

Who’s is going to bid for Motorola ?

But are they selling it yet ? Its still a rumor

Author: Varun Krish

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