IDC – Windows Phone posts the fastest growth in 2Q13, Android leads the market at 79.3%


Last quarter, we saw how Windows Phone marketshare finally leaped ahead of BlackBerry, and the trend seems to continue here. In the second quarter of 2013, Windows Phone has posted the fastest growth amongst the top 5 smartphone OSes with 8.7 million units shipped, according to IDC, which lines up with growth expectations from other analysts. While the growth percentage is less than what Windows Phone had last quarter(133% – Q1, 77.6% – Q2), it is certainly good news for Windows Phone’s uptake as an operating system. On the other hand, Android shows no signs of slowing down while it is the exact opposite for Apple which has its marketshare reduced from 16.6% to 13.2% while growing slower than the market at 20%.

Android comfortably leads the table with 79.3% marketshare, a record high since posting 75% last quarter. When vendors are taken into consideration, it is obvious that operating systems decided the volume of shipments for the mobile giants. For Android, Samsung is the leader, with LG, Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei tailing behind and for Windows Phone, Nokia is the only dominant player in the Windows Phone scene with 7.2 million shipments with Samsung tailing behind at 1 million, which is kinda surprising to be honest.

With no new Apple iPhone for the past three quarters it is unsurprising that Apple has declining marketshare and it may or may not rejuvenate until the next iPhone or iPhones are announced. We personally believe that a cheaper iPhone can quickly gain marketshare for Apple in China, but are not sure if that’s what Apple wants.

BlackBerry on the other hand have a huge task in their hands. They are no longer the third ecosystem now. While their enterprise clients will be still buying their old devices, they need consumer traction for getting back to the top 3. With the BlackBerry Q5, they might reach the volume they expect, but it is to be seen if that is sufficient. May be the next few quarters might tell us the story better.

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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