Nvidia updates Tegra roadmap with Logan and Parker, sporting Kepler and Maxwell GPUs


Nvidia had their GPU Technology conference in San Jose, California yesterday, in which they unveiled their new product roadmap for PCs as well as their Tegra chips, their mobile SoC solutions. The Tegra roadmap after Tegra 4i will be succeeded by Logan, and Parker will succeed Logan, slated for 2014 and 2015 commercial availability respectively.

The Tegra SoC codenamed Logan will be the first chip to incorporate the Kepler GPU along with the ARM processors. Kepler architecture is the one that currently powers all of its Desktop range Graphics along with the Supercomputer Titan. The addition of Kepler GPUs, according to the power, will make Tegra very capable in terms of computational processing and gaming. On the Logan SoC, Nvidia says –

Logan will pair ARM-based mobile processor cores with our powerful Kepler GPUs, putting technologies now found in high0performance PCs and workstations – such as PhysX, CUDA 5, and Open GL 4.3 – into mobile devices.

So, it is expected that Nvidia technologies like PhysX and CUDA will be on mobile devices by 2014, which makes the whole concept of mobile console gaming, with the respect of Project Shield version 2 very interesting. You can check out our Nvidia Project Shield hands on, to know what it’s like. And, on the subsequent Parker release –

Parker will join new 64-bit ARM compatible CPU cores with our next-generation Maxwell GPU architecture – combining the ability to gulp down big chunks of data, like a server, with Maxwell’s ability to mix and match memory resources with CPUs.

So, the Parker chip will have the new generation Maxwell GPUs on board and will be coupled with 64-bit ARM processors of the future. This is expected to be available by 2015. With this, Nvidia have a clear roadmap on how to go forward with GPU technologies in the mobile space. Let us now wait and see how it goes, with the impending launch of Tegra 4 based devices.

Source Nvidia

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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