Facebook to launch snapchat-like app with timed self destructible messaging

Facebook, after aggressively targeting Whatsapp with new capabilities in its messenger app, is now reportedly ready to launch another standalone app, that takes advantage of your Facebook account.  This app is supposedly a snapchat-like app with self-destructible timed messages. Read on to find out what it is about.

If this report turns out true, this app will be added to Facebook’s catalog of standalone apps that leverages the Facebook platform, which includes apps like the Facebook camera and the Facebook messenger. Based on snapchat-like functionality, this app is yet another example of how Facebook imitates various good third party apps in its own. Regarding snapchat, it is better explained in this video of its latest version that is available for iOS and Android –

Basically, with snapchat or the rumored new Facebook app, you can send timed self destructible real time messages to your friends. After the viewer watches the photo or the message content for the given amount of time set by you, the content will be automatically removed from the apps, and the snapchat servers. We can’t help but think about the naughtier uses for this kind of a service, and to hear that Facebook is looking into it is more than an attestation to this service.

We’ll let you know when this rumor gains more traction as days progress. Meanwhile you can check out Snapchat on iOS and Android.

via AllThingsD


Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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