8GB NOOK tablet from Barnes and Noble in the making?

Barnes and Noble with their NOOK tablets were the heroes of the low cost tablet generation before Amazon came up with it’s Kindle Fire and took away the Nook’s potential customers, well Barnes and Noble have decided to fight back by introducing an 8GB version of Nook Color which is rumored to be cheaper than the Kindle fire or match the price.

This new version of Nook Color is said to be available from 22nd February. The Amazon Kindle Fire is currently being sold at $199.9 while the 16 GB Nook Color is being sold at $249.99. I t would be really interesting to see whether Barnes and Noble will be able to match Kindle’s sales after reducing the price of it’s tablet. The Kindle Fire will always have an upper hand because of the popularity. Currently we haven’t heard about any other changes than the storage space, but we will be back on 22nd february with more information about this device.

Source: Techcrunch

[Update: The 8GB Barnes & Noble Nook tablet is now official. It is available from Barnes and Noble Store for US$ 199.]