Apple said to be working on thinnest iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch

Apple is focusing on developing its thinnest-ever models across its product line-up following the recent launch of the ultraslim iPad Pro at their Let Loose event.

A report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reveals that Apple plans to introduce similarly thin designs for the iPhone 17, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch.

According to him, Apple aims to release a “‘skinnier’ iPhone 17 model by 2025.” The recent release of the thinner iPad Pro in May showcased Apple’s renewed focus on slimming down its devices without sacrificing performance or battery life.

Gurman’s sources suggest that Apple is committed to making significant reductions in thickness across its line-up. The company reportedly aims for these revamped products to set new industry standards for thinness and portability in their respective categories.

He notes that the success of the latest iPad Pro, released in April, has inspired Apple to adopt a similar strategy for upcoming products. This strategy includes thinner designs for laptops and watches, continuing Apple’s tradition of innovation in sleek, lightweight devices.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s forecast from late 2023 aligns with these plans, suggesting that Apple will utilize advanced technology, such as thinner motherboards, in its future high-end iPhone 17 models.

While specific launch dates were not mentioned, the report indicates that Apple is also redesigning the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch with a similar slimmed-down approach.