Microsoft rolls out Copilot chatbot for Telegram in beta

Microsoft has introduced a new Copilot bot for Telegram, allowing users to chat with an AI assistant for various purposes. Copilot uses natural language to respond to queries and engage in conversation on a wide range of topics.

Copilot on Telegram can perform several tasks to enhance your experience:
  • Information Search: Get quick facts or detailed research powered by Bing Search.
  • Travel Planning: Receive destination suggestions and help planning your itinerary.
  • Fitness Guidance: Obtain fitness tips and exercise plans for your workouts.
  • Entertainment Updates: Stay updated with the latest movies, music, and entertainment news.
  • Leisure & Laughs: Enjoy jokes, funny gifs, or casual game suggestions to unwind.

Keep in mind that Copilot beta for Telegram is limited to text chat requests and cannot generate images.

How to use Copilot on Telegram

To start using Copilot on Telegram, you can access it through the Telegram desktop or mobile app, or via Telegram web.

Simply click on a provided link if you’re already on Telegram, or search for @CopilotOfficialBot within the app. The bot will prompt you to share your registered phone number with Microsoft.


Copilot for Telegram, available on desktop and mobile (Android / iOS) or via Telegram web, is currently in beta and free for all users. However, there’s a daily 30-turn limit for interactions between the user and Copilot.

Introducing the Copilot for Telegram, Microsoft stated in a blog post,

Copilot for Telegram employs natural language to offer responses across various subjects, spanning from seeking knowledge to travel tips, sports updates, and movie recommendations. Allow Copilot to enrich your Telegram journey with its sharp-witted assistance and boundless curiosity.