OPPO Find X7 Ultra earns DXOMARK’s eye comfort display label

OPPO has announced that the OPPO Find X7 Ultra has received the DXOMARK Gold Display Label and is the first device to earn the Eye Comfort Display Label, highlighting its exceptional screen quality and eye comfort.

DXOMARK Eye Comfort Display Label

The Eye Comfort Display Label is awarded based on four criteria set by DXOMARK:

  • Flicker Limitation: The display’s flicker perception probability must be below 50%. The OPPO Find X7 Ultra achieved just 10%.
  • Minimum Brightness: To ensure eye comfort in dark settings, the display must have a minimum brightness of 2 nits. The Find X7 Ultra reaches as low as 1.57 nits.
  • Blue Light Limitation: The circadian action factor must be below 0.65. The Find X7 Ultra’s factor is 0.63, reducing potential sleep cycle interference.
  • Color Consistency: With the blue light filter active, color consistency must be at least 95% within the P3 color space. The Find X7 Ultra achieves 99%.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra Display Features

In addition to the Eye Comfort Display Label, the Find X7 Ultra earned the Gold Display Label due to several standout features:

  • Resolution: QHD+ resolution of 3168 x 1440 with a pixel density of 510 PPI.
  • Refresh Rate: Smooth 1-120Hz refresh rate.
  • Brightness: Peak brightness of 1600 nits, with local peak brightness up to 4500 nits.
  • HDR Support: ProXDR, Google Ultra HDR, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG.
  • Touch Response: O-Sync 3.0 optimizes for ultra-low touch latency, and the screen remains responsive even when wet.
Comfort and Quality

The OPPO Find X7 Ultra combines top-tier eye comfort with excellent visual quality. With the Eye Comfort Display Label, users are assured of a low-flicker, color-accurate experience that limits blue light exposure and is gentle enough for use in dark environments.

OPPO emphasizes that the Find X7 Ultra’s display offers sharp detail, smooth motion, and vibrant colors, allowing for extended use without eye strain. The device’s display optimizations ensure a clear and engaging view for photos, videos, games, and more.

Commenting on the announcement, Thibault Cabana, DXOMARK’s Display Evaluation Director, said:

OPPO Find X7 Ultra is the first device to receive the DXOMARK Eye Comfort Display Label. We especially appreciated the smart Bedtime Mode, which efficiently and continuously adapts blue-light filtering based on the time of day. The device’s circadian action factor, indicating the impact of artificial lighting on human sleep cycles, reached an impressive 0.63, below DXOMARK’s recommended maximum threshold of 0.65.