NoiseFit Origin smartwatch with EN 1 processor, Nebula UI teased

Noise today announced the launch of its new Noise EN 1 processor and Nebula UI.

These innovations will debut with the upcoming smartwatch, NoiseFit Origin, promising improved performance and design. Recently, the company introduced AI-powered features to its Luna smart ring.

Noise EN 1 Processor

The EN 1 processor promises a 30% boost in performance, ensuring quicker responses and smoother operations for users. It integrates a linear motor and haptic feedback, enhancing navigation and user interaction.

Moreover, the processor brings improved graphics, enriching transitions and visual elements.

Nebula UI

Complementing the EN 1 processor is the Nebula UI, designed for seamless user engagement. With revamped menu layouts, icons, and gradients, it promises an intuitive experience.

The UI optimizes screen organization, merging notifications and workout displays. It also introduces smart widgets for easy access to essential information.

NoiseFit Origin smartwatch

The upcoming NoiseFit Origin smartwatch, powered by the EN 1 processor and Nebula UI, promises a superior user experience, blending performance, quality, and aesthetics, says Noise.

Noise believes these innovations demonstrate its dedication to consumer-centric innovation. The NoiseFit Origin smartwatch is poised to set a new standard for premium smartwatches, offering powerful performance and an intuitive interface.