Google is expanding Pixel-exclusive AI-powered editing tools in Photos to all users

Google is expanding its Pixel-exclusive AI-based Google Photos features to even more people. Its AI-powered editing tools — like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light — will be available to anyone using the app for free.

Photo Unblur, as the name suggests, helps you recreate blurry shots back to normal with greater clarity. Magic Eraser uses AI to intelligently remove unwanted objects marked in photos, making them distraction-free. Portrait Light adjusts the position and brightness of light in portraits.

Magic Editor, which was a Pixel 8 series exclusive, is now being expanded to all Pixel devices. It leverages generative AI to simplify complex edits. It allows users to effortlessly resize, reposition, or adjust subjects within photos.

Contextual suggestions are also available which can improve lighting and backgrounds, transforming a gray sky into a golden-hour sunset. Additionally, Magic Editor provides multiple result options for users to choose from, empowering them to achieve their desired look.

Apart from the Pixel lineup, Google is offering 10 Magic Editor saves per month for all Google Photos users on Android and iOS that meet minimum system requirements. If you want to remove this limit, you must have a Premium Google One plan (2TB and more).


These features will begin to roll out on starting 15th of May. They will work on the Chromebook Plus with ChromeOS version 118+, as well as Android 8.0/iOS 15 or higher devices with a minimum of 3GB of RAM.