Pixel 8: Google Photos is getting new AI tools

Google, this week unveiled its latest flagship Pixel 8 series smartphones. In a bid to further elevate the smartphone photography and videography experience, Google is rolling out four groundbreaking AI-powered editing features for Google Photos on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. These updates, building upon Google Research’s AI technology, promise to simplify complex edits and enhance user creativity.

Perfect Your Group Photos with Best Take feature

Taking that perfect group photo just got easier with the introduction of the Best Take feature. This feature utilizes a series of similar photos taken in quick succession to automatically create a blended image, ensuring everyone’s best expression is captured.

If you prefer a different expression, you have the flexibility to manually select one from the various shots you took, putting you in control of your group photos.

Magic Editor

Magic Editor, an experimental editing experience, leverages generative AI to simplify complex edits. It allows users to effortlessly resize, reposition, or adjust subjects within photos. Contextual suggestions can improve lighting and backgrounds, transforming a gray sky into a golden-hour sunset.

Additionally, Magic Editor provides multiple result options for users to choose from, empowering them to achieve their desired look. Google acknowledges that Magic Editor is in its early stages and encourages user feedback for further refinement.

Audio Magic Eraser

Google has also introduced Audio Magic Eraser, which uses advanced machine learning models to identify and categorize background sounds in videos, such as people talking, music, or wind. Users can then easily reduce or eliminate these distracting noises with just a few taps, ensuring their videos sound precisely as intended.

Zoom Enhance for Post-Capture Focus

Zoom Enhance, coming soon to Pixel 8 Pro, empowers users to zoom in on any photo after it’s been captured and crop it to their desired focus. Thanks to generative AI, Zoom Enhance intelligently fills in the gaps between pixels and predicts fine details, offering new possibilities for framing and focusing on the most important aspects of photos.


These innovative features are set to enhance the editing capabilities of Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users. Best Take, Magic Editor, and Audio Magic Eraser will be available starting October 12, promising to take smartphone photography and videography to the next level.