Apple considering Google Gemini integration for iPhone’s AI capabilities: Report

Apple is currently in discussions with Google regarding the incorporation of Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone. This potential collaboration hints at a significant development in the AI industry, according to reports on Bloomberg by Mark Gurman.

This move aligns with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s earlier commitment to a major AI announcement this year. Cook had promised investors transformative features aimed at breaking new ground, especially crucial as the company seeks new avenues for growth following the cancellation of its self-driving car project earlier this year.

Negotiations with Google and OpenAI

Negotiations between Apple and Google are actively underway to license Gemini for powering new iPhone software features. Discussions also involve OpenAI as a potential partner for AI models.

If successful, this agreement would extend beyond their existing search partnership, potentially impacting billions of users. However, it also raises antitrust concerns and could attract regulatory scrutiny.

Despite developing AI models like Ajax and Apple GPT, Apple is considering partnerships due to the perceived superiority of Google and other competitors’ technologies.

Google sees this partnership as a significant boost for its AI efforts, leveraging Apple’s extensive user base. However, regulatory challenges, especially regarding their existing search deal, loom over this potential collaboration.

Regulatory Challenges

Regulatory pressure in both the U.S. and EU, coupled with the evolving AI landscape, could reshape the dynamics of their current agreements. Microsoft’s funding of OpenAI faces similar scrutiny, reflecting broader concerns about tech giants’ dominance.

Considerations and Timeline

While talks continue, any official announcement is unlikely before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Apple may opt for multiple AI partners or choose alternatives like OpenAI or Anthropic’s Claude.

The envisioned AI features would enhance Siri and other apps, complementing Apple’s in-house AI capabilities focused on proactive user assistance and other AI capabilities for the upcoming iOS 18 update.

Commenting on the development, Mark Gurman, said:

Apple will introduce several new AI features based on its own, homegrown models. However, the company will collaborate with a partner—whether it turns out to be Google or OpenAI—to enable generative AI features. This potential deal would echo the partnership dynamics seen in the Apple and Google search engine collaboration.