Aether Mindtech launches evolv28 mindfulness wearable in India

Aether Mindtech introduces evolv28, India’s pioneering wearable device aimed at enhancing mindfulness, promoting better sleep, and reducing stress, allowing users to balance work and life on their terms.

This innovative device is tailored to cultivate positive habits, boost concentration, and uplift mood, harnessing brainwave training to optimize emotional, cognitive, and social well-being and prevent chronic conditions without resorting to medication or supplements.

The device, backed by scientific research and four years of extensive development, gently influences the nervous system through Variable Complex-weak Magnetic Fields (VCMF) emitted around the neck, inducing harmonious ‘flow’ states and reducing stress.

It offers 8 programs including improving sleep quality, uplifting mood, easing anxiety, and enhancing concentration. It’s designed for all-day wear, syncs with a mobile app for mindful habits, and has a battery life of up to 60 hours, catering to users seeking holistic wellness in today’s digital age.

According to the company, evolv28 focuses on user well-being through a non-invasive approach, ensuring safety, portability, and ease of use. Long-term use of VCMF aids self-regulation in key brain areas, promoting calmness, focus, and better sleep.

Pricing and Availability

The evolv28 comes in four packages (Basic, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise), with yearly subscription pricing as follows:

  • Basic (1 user) with 1 program starts at Rs. 19,999.
  • Pro (2 users) with 4 programs starts at Rs. 24,999.
  • Premium (4 users) with 8 programs starts at Rs. 33,499.

The device is available for pre-order on the company’s website.

Commenting on the launch, P V Shyam Sunder, Director and the Director of Concept and Technology at evolv28 said,

Mental health concerns have reached significant levels in today’s world. While the market is flooded with digital health trackers, our emphasis lies on innovating solutions that tackle real issues, not merely monitoring them.

Evolv28 embodies our commitment to addressing this fundamental challenge. The device is certified as safe and highly effective, as it targets the brain stem to promote mindfulness. This marks a pioneering step in our shared goal of fostering a healthier and happier nation.