Apple is developing two foldable iPhone prototypes: Report

Apple is developing two iPhone prototypes that fold horizontally, as reported by The Information. This exploration into foldable iPhones began in 2018, resulting in two active prototypes resembling clamshells.

The device isn’t slated for mass production in 2024 or 2025. Engineers faced challenges with durability, as external displays risk breaking easily. Despite ambitions for a thin design akin to current iPhones, obstacles like battery size hinder progress.

Though discussions with Asian manufacturers for foldable iPhones in varying sizes have occurred, cancellation remains a possibility if the design standards aren’t met. Challenges persist in achieving a thin, outward-facing screen design while addressing practical component constraints.

Simultaneously, Apple is exploring a foldable iPad similar in size to an iPad Mini, aiming to mitigate the crease in the display’s center and engineer a flat hinge for seamless interaction, the report added.

While the project was initially on hold in 2020, focus shifted to an inward-folding iPad with an eight-inch screen, offering less stringent durability requirements than a phone. However, it seems Apple aims to resolve issues like creasing and achieve a flat screen for user interaction, although success remains uncertain.

Despite ongoing efforts, a foldable iPhone or iPad isn’t expected to launch anytime soon, postponing earlier expectations for a 2024 release alongside reports of E-Ink technology testing for foldables.