HONOR showcases Magic6 Pro’s AI Motion Sensing capture tech

HONOR Magic6 Pro, slated for a global launch on February 25th at MWC, has unveiled its groundbreaking camera features. The smartphone promises unparalleled sportography with its advanced Falcon Camera System.

Collaborating with renowned French saber fencer Cécilia Berder, HONOR showcases the smartphone’s ability to auto-capture lightning-fast fencing moments, emphasizing clarity and precision without compromise.

HONOR’s Take on Portable Mirrorless Evolution

Acknowledging the ongoing advancements in portable mirrorless cameras, HONOR highlights the hardware improvements that make them increasingly popular among photography enthusiasts.

Manufacturers have enhanced shutter mechanisms, allowing for faster speeds and enabling professional cameras to freeze rapid movements effectively, reducing motion blur, especially in sports, wildlife, and action photography.

Falcon Camera System on HONOR Magic6 Pro

Responding to the growing popularity of sportography and the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), HONOR emphasizes smartphone manufacturers’ efforts to enhance capture speed and image clarity.

The Falcon Camera System on HONOR Magic6 Pro integrates SMA motor technology for faster autofocus, enhancing the sportography experience on smartphones, reflecting these improvements in shutter and imaging speed.

Additionally, in preparation for the Olympic year, the HONOR Falcon Camera System sets new standards in AI capabilities. Unlike its predecessor, which relied on 270,000 images, the updated version employs a vast dataset of 8,000,000 images across 10 scenarios.

This advancement ensures smarter AI, adept at recognizing various actions in real-time, HONOR added.

The official global launch of the HONOR Magic6 Series is scheduled for February 25th at 2:00 pm (CET) during MWC 2024 in Barcelona.