Spotify shares mockups of in-app purchases ahead of EU’s DMA rollout

Spotify today announced significant improvements as the Digital Markets Act (DMA) is set to roll out. These changes promise a better experience for users and more opportunities for developers and creators.

Under DMA, Spotify can now share details about deals, promotions, and cost-effective payment options within its app in the EU. This means users will receive information on offers, prices, and where to make purchases directly through the Spotify app.

The DMA prohibits Apple’s mandatory 30% tax, bringing relief for artists and creators. Starting March, Spotify plans to introduce the following features:

  • Direct Communication in the App: Users will receive information within the app about subscription offerings, product prices, and promotions, including Premium subscriptions and audiobooks.

  • Clear Updates on Products and Events: Spotify will communicate clearly about new products, promotional campaigns, superfan clubs, and upcoming events, offering a more transparent experience for users.

  • Seamless In-App Payments: Users can soon buy Premium subscriptions, audiobooks, or upgrade their plans with a few easy clicks directly within the app.
Audiobook Accessibility

In markets where Spotify offers audiobooks, users will now see clear pricing information while browsing, making purchasing and listening more straightforward.

Enhanced App Download Experience

With the support of DMA, Spotify looks forward to enabling users to download Spotify for Artists or Spotify for Podcasters directly from their site, along with the potential for superfan clubs and alternative app stores.

Announcing the updates, Spotify posted:

We remain committed to the fight, as liberation from gatekeepers translates to increased options for consumers and a positive influence on artists, authors, creators, and developers globally.