Motorola showcases adaptive pOLED display concept

At Lenovo Tech World ’23, Motorola showcases cutting-edge AI advancements and revolutionary innovations in flexible hardware, alongside the introduction of exciting AI features. These encompass generative theming and a sophisticated personal assistant.

Motorola’s Adaptive Display Concept

Motorola is at the forefront of flexible display technology. They’ve introduced a concept device with a bendable FHD+ pOLED display that can be shaped according to your needs. This innovation builds on their experience with foldable and rollable devices in both smartphones and PCs.

The adaptive display can go from a regular Android phone setup when flat to being wrapped around your wrist or set in various stand modes. When flat, it functions as a standard 6.9″ Android phone.

Upright, it transforms into a self-standing device with a more compact 4.6″ display. You can also wear it on your wrist, similar to the external display on the Motorola razr+.

Motorola AI Concepts

Motorola recognizes the importance of personalization. They’ve developed generative AI that runs on the device, allowing users to personalize their phones.

Users can upload pictures of their outfits to create unique AI-generated images used as custom wallpapers.


Lenovo is creating a personal assistant for PCs and smartphones. This AI model continuously learns and adapts to user patterns while protecting privacy. It offers natural voice or text interaction for tasks like answering questions, drafting messages, and scheduling.

Unlike most AI models that rely on the cloud, MotoAI processes data locally on the device for enhanced data privacy. It also adapts to user patterns, making it more personal and helpful over time.

2.0 Mobile Doc Scan

Motorola responds to the need for real-time document scanning with an AI concept model that enhances document quality by minimizing wrinkles and shadows.

AI Text Summarization

Motorola helps users boost productivity with AI text summarization, which condenses long documents for quick comprehension.

Privacy Content Obfuscation

In a world of social sharing, Motorola’s Privacy Content Obfuscation uses AI to protect user data by identifying and blurring sensitive areas in social posts.

At Lenovo Tech World 2023, Lenovo shared,

Motorola’s four AI concepts are a bold step into the future, redefining daily experiences. With generative AI wallpapers, advanced privacy features, and the power to transform crinkled receipts into pristine documents, convenience takes the lead in innovation. Motorola’s mission to enhance mobility, pocketability, and overall ease for consumers remains steadfast, making the future shine brighter than ever.