U&i EXCEL and ULTIMATE Series 10000mAh Power Banks launched

U&i has introduced two cost-effective power banks in India – the EXCEL Series and the ULTIMATE Series. These portable chargers blend style with a 22.5-watt power output in a small and handy design.

U&i EXCEL Series 10000mAh Powerbank

The EXCEL Series is a unique power bank that comes with built-in USB-C and Lightning cables. It’s compatible with Apple devices, Android phones, and any device with a USB-C connection. The EXCEL also offers USB-A and USB-C (PD) ports for longer cables or sharing with friends.

With a total power output of 22.5 watts, it can charge up to four devices simultaneously. You can recharge it using micro USB or USB-C ports, and an LED display shows the remaining power.

Quick specifications: U&i EXCEL Series Powerbank
  • Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Built-in USB-C and Lightning cables
  • Compatibility: Apple, Android, and USB-C devices
  • Additional USB-A and USB-C (PD) ports
  • Total Power Output: 22.5 watts
  • Simultaneously charge up to four devices
  • Recharge via micro USB and USB-C
  • Surface LED display for remaining power
U&i ULTIMATE Series 10000mAh Powerbank

The ULTIMATE Series is designed for Apple iPhone 15 series but also works with earlier models. It features powerful magnets for MagSafe-compatible devices, allowing you to stick it to your iPhone while it charges. This wireless power bank can charge Qi-compatible smartphones and gadgets wirelessly at up to 15 watts.

It boasts a sleek, compact design and comes in three colors – Orange, Blue, and Black. Share your power bank with others, or use the USB-A port to charge other devices. It supports various charging standards (Flash Charge, Charge Turbo, WARP, PD, Super VOOC, DASH, and Quick Charge) and protocols.

Quick specifications: U&i ULTIMATE Series Powerbank
  • Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Designed for Apple iPhone 15, compatible with iPhone 14, 13, 12
  • Built-in magnets for MagSafe-compatible devices
  • Wireless charging for Qi-compatible devices
  • Charging speeds: Up to 15W
  • Sleek and compact design in three colors
  • Portable for pocket or waist pouch
  • Share power or use USB-A port to charge other devices
  • Compatible with various charging standards
Price and availability

The U&i EXCEL and ULTIMATE Series, 10000mAh Power Banks are available for Rs. 2,999 and Rs. 3,999, respectively. You can purchase them at U&i outlets and leading retail stores across India starting today.