Want to run Mango on HD2? Here’s how to do it

HTC HD2 was launched back in November 2009 which is my personal favorite Windows Mobile device and it’s still considered as one of the best HTC WinMo device. Hackers also love it and some even try porting Android into it and long time ago, we saw it running on Windows Phone 7. Hackers are still trying their best to keep HD2 alive and updated, so that’s why they ported the latest Windows Phone 7.1 a.k.a Mango in HD2 and trying to prove that HD2 is still a very versatile device. If you are using HD2, then you can get Mango on your device by following these rules:

  1. Follow the instructions to download and install magdlr if you haven’t done so already
  2. Download the Mango files from XDA
  3. Put your HD2 into USB Flasher mode when prompted on HD2 boot up
  4. Run DWI.exe from PC with HD2 connected

Also check out the video after the break which will give you an idea how Mango looks on HD2: