HONOR Magic V2 assembled in video ahead of global launch

HONOR, is set to participate in IFA 2023, scheduled for September 1st in Berlin. The event will serve as a platform for HONOR to introduce the much-anticipated HONOR Magic V2, aligning with the theme “Unfold Tomorrow.”

The device has already been unveiled in China. Additionally, the event will spotlight HONOR’s latest cutting-edge technologies.

HONOR Magic V2 design assembled by JerryRigEverything

Renowned tech influencer @JerryRigEverything recently shared an assembly video of the groundbreaking HONOR Magic V2 on their official YouTube channel. This video provides an unprecedented look into the internals of the device and offers a comparative analysis with the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

To achieve its remarkable slim profile, HONOR developed a new hinge mechanism and utilized a titanium alloy. The device is also powered by two ultra-thin silicon-carbon batteries. The HONOR Magic V2 has undergone rigorous testing, proving its durability with 400,000 folding cycles.

Comparative Specifications: HONOR Magic V2 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

The assembly video highlights the intricate process of disassembling and reassembling the HONOR Magic V2, providing insights into its internal components.

The device’s slimness and lightness are accentuated, with a thickness of 9.94mm, excluding camera bumps, in contrast to the Galaxy Z Fold5’s 14.91mm.

Official measurements differ slightly, with Samsung reporting the Galaxy Z Fold5’s folded thickness as 13.4mm, while HONOR measures the Magic V2 at 9.9mm. Despite these variations, the HONOR Magic V2 remains notably thinner.

In terms of weight, the Galaxy Z Fold5 weighs 253 grams, while the HONOR Magic V2 weighs 231 or 237 grams, depending on the model. The device also boasts a substantial battery (Silicon-Carbon) capacity of 5000mAh.

HONOR IFA Keynote Event

HONOR’s participation in IFA 2023 will be marked by a keynote event scheduled for September 1st at 10:00am (CEST) in Berlin.

Users who are interested can register for the HONOR IFA Keynote on the company’s official website.