Google Fact Check Explorer gets image search in beta

Google has unveiled a range of updates for Fact Check Explorer, building upon the features initially revealed during Global Fact 10. These updates focus on broadening Google’s toolkit for academics, fact checkers, journalists, and individuals seeking to independently verify information.

Google actively supports the fact-checking community, offering tools and resources to assess information online. Google’s latest developments announced at Global Fact 10, a conference attended by around 500 fact checkers from around the world in Seoul, South Korea.

Fact Check Explorer: Enhanced Image Search

Google has expanded its Fact Check Explorer tool, powered by claim review markup, to facilitate fact checking using images. Responding to feedback from fact-checkers, Google introduced a global beta version that enables users to search for images that have been previously fact checked.

By simply uploading or sharing an image link, users can quickly determine if it has featured in an existing fact check. This feature aims to expedite the image fact checking process worldwide.

Context and Timeline for Images

To combat image manipulation and misuse, Google is introducing a beta version of a feature that provides fact checkers with contextual information and timelines for images.

When utilizing Fact Check Explorer, users can access references and observe the evolution of topics associated with a specific image over time. This enhancement is expected to accelerate the research required for fact-checking procedures in newsrooms globally.

Global Fact Check Fund

In collaboration with YouTube, Google has pledged a substantial $13.2 million grant to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) for the establishment of the Global Fact Check Fund.

Administered by IFCN, this initiative supports over 35 fact-checking organizations from 45 countries. Representing Google and YouTube’s most substantial grant in the field of fact-checking, this effort builds upon previous endeavors to combat misinformation.


Google is rolling out a global beta version that includes the ability to search by image, in addition to the current text search, starting today. To join the beta-test waitlist, fill out the sign-up form by visiting  Fact Check Explorer.

Commenting on the announcement, Mevan Babakar News and Information Credibility Lead and Avneesh Sud, Software Engineer, Google Research, said:

The fact-checking community plays a crucial role in not only verifying harmful mis- and disinformation but also in empowering individuals with the tools to evaluate sources, stories, and images for themselves. This is just one way to combat misinformation.

At Google, we support this effort by developing tools and resources to aid people in assessing information online. We’re dedicated to helping people identify misinformation online and supporting fact-checking and those who do it for the long term.