Apple Music Classical app now available to download

Apple Music subscribers can now enjoy the classical music streaming experience with the newly launched Apple Music Classical app. This app is available for download at no extra cost from Apple’s iOS Store. The announcement was made earlier this month and the app is now accessible to all subscribers.

Access to the world’s largest classical music catalog

Apple Music Classical has the world’s largest classical music catalog with 5 million tracks, including celebrated recordings and forgotten gems. For beginners, the Editor’s Choice curation, and also offers thousands of exclusive albums, featuring recordings by world-famous orchestras.

Fully optimized search function

Apple Music Classical has redesigned its search function to cater to the complexities of classical music. Users can search using various combinations of keywords, such as composer, work, opus number, conductor, artist, instrument, and even a work’s nickname, as well as an Editor’s Choice performance.

Interface for classical music

Apple Music Classical interface is designed specifically for classical music. It displays all the important information at a glance, including the work name, orchestra, conductor, contributing artists, and year of recording. It also supports classical categories like works, composers, and recordings when adding to personal libraries.

High-quality Spatial Audio for an immersive experience

Music Classical offers the highest audio quality with lossless audio up to 24 bit/192 kHz. Hi-Res Lossless mode provides crystal-clear sound that makes every note feel within reach. Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos creates a 360-degree soundscape, immersing listeners in the concert hall experience.

Apple Music Classical adds new albums every week to its Spatial Audio catalog, featuring remastered legendary recordings and contemporary performances.

Curated playlists

Apple Music Classical offers a comprehensive collection of over 700 playlists for listeners to explore 800 years of music. Beginners can start with The Story of Classical audio guides, which introduce key composers, periods, instruments, and terminology.

Devotees can go behind the scenes of selected recordings with track-by-track audio commentary from leading classical artists. Every week, hand-picked Hidden Gems highlight lesser-known works, while Composer Undiscovered playlists offer new perspectives on famous names.

Apple Music Classical’s Browse tab

Explore by composers, instruments, periods, conductors, orchestras, and choirs, as well as genres such as chamber music and stage works. With endless options, you’re sure to find new favorites.

Insightful composer biographies and Descriptions of thousands of works

Apple Music Classical listeners are in for a treat with exclusive new artwork. Hundreds of playlist covers and high-resolution digital portraits of the world’s greatest composers are included. This artwork is commissioned from a diverse group of artists who blend historical research with color palettes and artistic references from the relevant classical period.

The attention to detail is impressive, as these new works are designed on Mac and iPad. Listeners can expect to see leading classical figures like Bach, Beethoven, Hildegard von Bingen, Chopin, John Dowland, Fanny Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, and others like never before.


Apple Music Classical is now available for download on the App Store worldwide, starting today. If you’re an existing Apple Music subscriber, you can start enjoying Apple Music Classical right away, without any additional charges.

This new addition to the Apple Music library is compatible with all iPhone models running iOS 15.4 or later. Apple has announced that Apple Music Classical for Android will be available soon.

Speaking on the announcement, Oliver Schusser, Apple’s Vice President of Apple Music and Beats, said,

We love music — that’s really what we’re all about — and classical music is foundational to music of all genres. Apple Music Classical is a dedicated app that is great for classical experts as well as anyone who is new to classical, with the largest classical music selection in the world, the very best search and browse capabilities, the most premium sound experience with Spatial Audio, and thousands of exclusive recordings. We believe this is the very best classical music streaming experience available anywhere, and for us, this is just the beginning.