Google brings CHRE to Android to speed up Fast Pair

Google is utilizing the Context Hub Runtime Environment (CHRE) in Android to enhance Fast Pair on the OnePlus 11, making device connections faster while conserving battery.

Google explains that CHRE is a technology that can improve device connections and offer performance benefits, with potential for enhancing connections between all devices.

CHRE (Context Hub Runtime Environment)

OnePlus has announced new Android devices, including the OnePlus 11 smartphone, that feature CHRE technology built into Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. CHRE, an open-source technology, can provide similar benefits to Android phones by offloading tasks.

How CHRE technology works

Smartphones have multiple processors, similar to the human brain, to handle tasks. The main processor, called the Applications Processor, manages all apps but consumes a lot of battery power. CHRE, an open-source technology, allows Android phones to use smaller processors to run simple tasks efficiently, preserving battery life.

Android’s Fast Pair and CHRE

Fast Pair allows Android phones to discover and pair nearby supported Bluetooth devices with a single tap. The use of CHRE on the new OnePlus 11 enhances Fast Pair, making it more responsive and efficient.

CHRE prepares information for the main processor while it’s in sleep mode, so it’s readily available when needed. This, combined with Snapdragon’s low-power, low-latency capabilities, results in an improved user experience when connecting devices.

How the benefits of CHRE could expand

Google anticipates seeing more partners adopt CHRE support, following the addition of OnePlus. The technology is expected to enhance other Android features like Nearby Share, making file sharing with friends from your phone faster and more responsive.

Explaining the new tech, Google said:

We outlined how Android is built to help your devices work better together. With CHRE technology, Android is making it simple and easy to use multiple devices, while keeping your battery in mind.