Google is working Fast Pair low-battery notifications for styluses: Report

Google is preparing to release a feature for its Fast Pair technology that will provide low-battery notifications for styluses. Fast Pair is a feature that allows devices to quickly and easily connect to other devices over Bluetooth. It is unclear when this feature will be released, but 9to5Google’s APK Insight suggests that it is currently being developed.

Since its launch, Fast Pair has expanded to support a variety of devices beyond just Bluetooth headphones, including smartwatches and Matter smart home devices.
It appears that the next device category for Fast Pair will be styluses, specifically in preparation for the upcoming Pixel Tablet. This would allow for easy and quick pairing of styluses to the tablet, which could improve the user experience.
Fast Pair low-battery notifications for styluses
The upcoming Pixel Tablet is expected to support USI styluses, which are designed to work across multiple devices and platforms. The Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 has revealed information about stylus charging notifications and an update to Google Play Services for Wear OS includes “fast_pair_stylus” strings similar to low-battery notifications for Bluetooth headphones, suggesting that Fast Pair will be used to provide these notifications for styluses.

<string name=”fast_pair_stylus_battery_getting_low_description”>Battery getting low \u2022 Consider charging soon</string>

<string name=”fast_pair_stylus_low_battery_description”>Low battery \u2022 Charge soon</string>

<string name=”fast_pair_stylus_very_low_battery_description”>Very low battery \u2022 Charge now</string>

This will allow users to easily keep track of the stylus battery level, avoiding power outages while using them on the Pixel Tablet. The update to the Settings Services app, which powers the Pixel’s Battery widget, has added a generic “bt_stylus” icon, further confirming this.
The feature will allow users to see the current battery percentage of the stylus in the Battery widget, making it easy to keep track of the stylus battery level without having to go into the settings or connect it to another device. This feature will enhance the user experience by providing easy-to-access and comprehensive battery notifications for stylus used in the upcoming Pixel Tablet.
The 9to5Google report suggests that Google may also release a first-party stylus for the Pixel Tablet, providing a seamless and integrated user experience. The charging method for this stylus is not yet clear, but wireless charging is likely. The design of the Pixel Tablet does not have a clear charging surface on the side edges, but it remains to be seen how Google will implement this feature.