OPPO INNO Day 2022: Air Glass 2, MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC and OHealth H1 family health monitor announced

OPPO just announced Air Glass 2, the company’s latest Assisted Reality glass, MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC and OHealth H1 family health monitor on the first day of INNO Day 2022 event, as it had promised.

MariSilicon Y

The new MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC is one of the first to use the most advanced N6RF process technology, said the company. It has self-developed Pro Bluetooth Pack that increases the Bluetooth bandwidth by up to 50% compared with the highest spec Bluetooth SoCs in the market, said OPPO.

It has exclusive URLC codec technology and a dedicated NPU with up to 590 GOPS of on-device computing power that lets MariSilicon Y transmit an 24-bit/192kHz ultra-clear lossless audio through Bluetooth, offering the same audio quality as a wired connection and also offers spatial audio experiences.

OPPO Air Glass 2

OPPO also showed off the Air Glass 2, the company’s latest Assisted Reality glass and the successor to last year’s model. Weighing only approximately 38g, OPPO said that these are the world’s lightest and thinnest smart glasses to feature the world’s first resin SRG-diffractive waveguide lens developed by OPPO.

These lenses will support vision correction and further customization, making them almost indistinguishable from regular glasses. OPPO Air Glass 2 will be able to make phone calls, conduct real-time translation, provide location-based navigation, convert voice into text for people with hearing impairments, and provide many more smart experiences.

“The new glasses are intended to demonstrate all-new possibilities in human-machine interaction and showcase OPPO’s technological exploration of its four Smart Initiatives,” said the company.

OHealth H1

The OHealth H1 family health monitor combines six health data monitoring functions intended for family use into a single device, including measurement of blood oxygen, ECG, heart and lung auscultation, heart rate, body temperature and sleep tracking.

It has high-precision sensors and industry-leading health algorithms, is super-light, weighing just 95 grams and features aesthetic rounded edges and a concentric oval design. This makes it easy for users to take the OHealth H1 with them anywhere, helping them to integrate regular health measurements into their daily routines, said OPPO.

OPPO said that the OHealth H1 sets the stage for OPPO’s ambition to build a bridge to better healthcare, offering smart, professional, and convenient healthcare solutions to users, hospitals, and clinics.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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