HUAWEI announces EMUI 13 — Check out the new features

HUAWEI released HarmonyOS 3 for its Chinese smartphones in July. The similar OS is now known as EMUI 13 for Global HUAWEI smartphone users. EMUI 13 is intended to provide seamless interactions and handy service widgets to provide an immersive user experience. Drag to share, Smart Personalized Interactions, SuperStorage, and other features stand out.

EMUI 13 Features

Smart Personalised Interaction: With EMUI 13, you can simply swipe up the app icon for quick information at that time and gain instant access to the services. Smart Folders, which were first introduced in EMUI 12, now have resizable options.

You can also stack Service Widgets of the same size to save space, or mix widgets, system buttons, and shortcuts to make better use of home screen space.

Drag to Share: You can now long press on any text, image, or file that catches your eye, drag it to SuperHub, and paste or share it to any app or connected device using the new Drag to Share feature. You can find, reuse, and delete previously pasted and shared content with remarkable ease in the SuperHub.

Super Device and Multi-Screen Collaboration: Collaborations between devices, including the HUAWEI Vision, HUAWEI MateBook, and HUAWEI MatePad Paper, are now supported by the Super Device feature. In addition, Multi-Screen Collaboration now includes a Landscape Window mode, allowing you to open phone apps in large landscape windows.

Music Share: The Music Share feature in EMUI 13 allows you to stream the same music to two different earphones using the same phone. The company hasn’t said much about this feature, such as its compatibility with third-party earphones.

SuperStorage: By stacking duplicate files, compressing less-used apps, and eliminating unnecessary re-downloads, the SuperStorage feature can free up to 20 GB of storage space.

EMUI 13 Privacy Features: Inside the settings, there’s a new Privacy Centre that will interpret how frequently your apps access your personal data with an intuitive dashboard and offer system-level security risk detection. Furthermore, to detect and deter malicious apps, the new Security Centre will automatically scan for security risks, viruses, and harassing behaviours.


HUAWEI hasn’t disclosed the rollout details of the EMUI 13. We should get more details about wider rollout in the coming days.