WhatsApp is working on Editing messages, rolls out Format Text shortcut for iOS 16

WhatsApp Voice Notes

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update to its beta app with the version number via the Play Store and for iOS. Recent beta updates showcase new features that are currently in development, such as “Editing messages” and bringing back the format text shortcut in iOS.

Editing messages

The tag “Edited” will appear whenever a message has been edited, as shown in the screenshot below. In addition, WhatsApp will offer you approximately 15 minutes to edit a message, which we can now finally confirm. If the recipient doesn’t turn on their phone within a certain amount of time, WhatsApp can’t promise that your message will be updated. This is the same thing that happens when everyone deletes a message.

Format text shortcut for iOS 16

The formatted text shortcut for WhatsApp on iOS 16 is coming back. To format text faster than by inserting a character before and after the word, users can choose the text they wish to format and touch the BIU menu option. This menu didn’t appear on iOS 16 because after the upgrade, apps have to refer to their formatting menus as “Format” rather than “BIU.”

The beta version of WhatsApp for iOS is now available for beta testers, and it incorporates the improvements brought about by iOS 16: In addition, if you try to choose the text to format when using iOS 16, you will notice that the format text shortcut has returned and that you can style the text as usual. Users of iOS 15 and earlier versions will continue to see the standard BIU shortcut, so nothing has changed for them.

Notification bug fix update

Some users on Twitter claimed that they didn’t hear any notification sounds while receiving a message, as seen in this screenshot. The vibration didn’t even function in some situations. If notifications aren’t working on your phone, make sure you update to WhatsApp beta for Android because the patch is now rolling out after installation.

As far as the availability of the “Editing message” feature is concerned, they are still in development, and it will probably be a while before users can access them. And the new format text shortcut is only available to beta users on iOS 16. Recently, it was reported that WhatsApp is working on keeping disappearing messages and Do Not Disturb API for missed calls.

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