Stuffcool launches iPhone 14 cases starting at Rs. 699

In light of the recently released iPhone 14 Series, Stuffcool has revealed its newest and most interesting product line. Stuffcool carries every important accessory that has been specifically created for every model in the new iPhone 14 series. These accessories range from fast-charging chargers to cool cases and covers.

Stuffcool offers super transparent cases, genuine leather cases, and even a case with a foldable stand that improves accessibility and viewing angle for the iPhone 14. These cases are ideal for consumers who want to enhance the look of their iPhone 14 while also increasing its level of protection.

The Stuffcool iPhone 14 line of fast charging chargers plus cool cases offers a variety of options to choose from, and each one is well-engineered, premium, and built with high-end technology.

To refresh your memory, the Stuffcool quick charging chargers are also available, and they are interoperable with the MagSafe wireless charging station that is designed to work with the new iPhone 14 series. The Stuffcool Chrome Case and Aktion Case carry a 6-month warranty from the brand.

Chrome Case
  • Clear transparent case – With electroplated bumper frame, Impact resistant
  • Luxury stylish design, Shows the original iPhone color
  • Specially design keeping in mind the new camera, Anti-fingerprint texture
  • Accurate flexible buttons – Accurate flexible buttons

Aktion Case
  • Soft frame –  Clear case with fusion of soft TPU and hard plastic & Raised lip
  • Protection – Phone screen won’t get scratch even with the phone placed face Up
  • Raised lip protection – Phone screen won’t get scratch even with the phone placed face Up
  • Total Transparency – The transparent back shows off the natural elegance of your phone & Unique design
  • Using shock pocket technology & we keep it smooth & protection without adding bulk or weight to your device
  • Wireless Charging compatible with special tactile buttons

Artus Case

It comes in three colors such as Black, Blue and Purple

Pricing and availability

The Stuffcool’s Chrome case and Aktion case are priced at Rs. 699, while the Artus case is priced at Rs. 899. The Stuffcool iPhone 14 Series cases are now available to buy from and leading offline stores.