Twitter begins testing edit button, coming to Twitter Blue subscribers first

Twitter has been teasing the edit button for quite some time, and the company has finally confirmed that the feature has entered the testing phase within the company. Also, the company has said that in the near future, Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to use the Edit Tweet feature.

Now that the edit button has been put through its paces in the context of internal testing, it will be possible for anyone to confirm whether a Tweet has been modified. Users will have the ability to edit a tweet multiple times within the first half an hour after it has been published.

Tweets that have had their content edited will include an icon, a timestamp, and a label to make it clear that the original Tweet has been altered. When users tap the label, they will be taken to the Edit History of the tweet, which contains all the different versions of the tweet that have been created.

This is the feature that has been requested the most by users of Twitter, and it is finally going to be implemented. Despite this, it could be a few months before this is available to all users.