Facebook Groups update bring a sidebar and Channels

Facebook Groups are a great platform for people with like-minded interests to come together and form communities. A number of updates have been introduced to Facebook Groups that improves the organisation of joined groups and adds new ways to discuss topics.

To start with, Facebook is introducing a new sidebar in the app that will organize and show all the groups that you have joined. In the sidebar, each group that is listed will show the latest activity within them, like new posts or chats you haven’t yet seen. You can also pin your favourite groups,  discover new groups, or even create your own.

Next, within a group, there is a new Menu that will show things like events, shops and a variety of channels to make it easier to connect with others.

Channels are a new way for members in a group to connect in a smaller, more casual settings. These can be created by Group Admins in different formats, which include:

  • Community chat channels: A place for people to message, collaborate and form deeper relationships around topics in a more real-time way across both Facebook Groups and Messenger.

  • Community audio channels: A feature where admins and members can casually jump in and out of audio conversations in real time.

  • Community feed channels: A way for community members to discuss topics within the group for members about specific interests.

The updates are rolling out to all users on iOS and Android starting today.