Lenovo ThinkPad leaked, another Honeycomb tablet

Lenovo is one of the leading technology brands in the world and they are famous because of their amazing line of laptops and notebooks. Back in January, they embraced Android by announcing Lenovo LePad and Lenovo IdeaPad at CES 2011. Both devices will be launched officially in June. But now you are about to see something which will make you to stop thinking about the LePad and IdeaPad. This is My Next has leaked some shots of Lenovo ThinkPad which is actually an Android powered tablet that comes with laptop dock. It’s running Android Honeycomb OS which is especially designed for tablets. Lenovo is currently offering Windows powered tablet, and now it looks like they are also picking up Android as their primary OS.

The tablet comes with Nvidia dual core Tegra 2 processor, 10.1″ WVGA widescreen touchscreen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 display, stylus support, USB 2.0, microUSB, and even a full-sized SD card shot. Well, these are some good features, and with the laptop dock, the tablet turns into a complete notebook. So I think it’s an amazing tablet and it will be a great challenge for other tablets out there. It’s expected that it will be launched in July with the price tag of $499 USD. The price tag isn’t bad at all, but we should wait for official words from Lenovo. So anyone looking forward to it?