Qualcomm introduces FastConnect 7800 with Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3 for mobile, compute, and XR applications and devices

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. has unveiled the FastConnect 7800, the industry’s most sophisticated Wi-Fi + Bluetooth connectivity solution. This advanced client connectivity solution combines the power of high-speed, ultra-low latency Wi-Fi with the latest Wi-Fi 7 specification, as well as a slew of Bluetooth audio advances that raise the bar on consumer sound quality expectations.

FastConnect 7800 Wireless Connectivity Capabilities

This FastConnect 7800 wireless connectivity solution achieves these high speeds (upto 5.8 Gbps and 2ms lower latency thanks to High Band Simultaneous (HBS) Multi-Link technology, which unlocks the vast potential of multiple 5GHz and 6GHz connections to deliver the highest throughput and lowest sustained latency while reserving high-traffic 2.4GHz spectrum for Bluetooth and lower-bandwidth Wi-Fi.

This technology also allows consumers to enjoy reduced latency and interference, jitter-free connections, and blistering fast speeds when using 320MHz channels in the increasingly available 6GHz spectrum or 240MHz channels in the globally available 5GHz spectrum.

4-Stream Dual-Band Simultaneous (DBS) has been extended into the high bands and can assist today’s networks right away. It is based on Qualcomm ® 4-Stream DBS (2×2 + 2×2) with 5 and/or 6GHz Wi-Fi links that can be used together for extremely low latency performance between the access point and the client or separately for multi-client scenarios.

FastConnect 7800 Bluetooth Audio Capabilities

When it comes to Bluetooth audio, the FastConnect 7800 supercharges Snapdragon Sound, Bluetooth LE Audio, and Bluetooth 5.3 with next-generation Intelligent Dual Bluetooth – two radios with enhanced connections that allow Bluetooth accessories to work up to twice as far, pair in half the time, and make switching from smartphone to PC or earbuds to an automobile’s hand-free system instant and effortless.

Bluetooth devices equipped with FastConnect 7800 will be able to broadcast high-bandwidth, immersive music via Snapdragon Sound while also delivering powerful, responsive connections to game controllers and/or other input devices.

FastConnect 7800 Specifications

  • Peak speed: 5.8Gbps (via single 320MHz or paired 160MHz channels) or 4.3Gbps where 6GHz spectrum may not be available.
  • Sustained low latency: less than 2ms
  • Backward compatibility with all prior-generation Wi-Fi devices
  •  Key Wi-Fi Features:
    • HBS Multi-Link
    • 4-Stream DBS extended into the high bands
    • Full Wi-Fi 7 feature support, expected to be the first Wi-Fi 7 solution to ship in commercial products
  • Spectrum support: 5GHz, 6GHz, as well as 2.4GHz
  • Battery life: system enhancements drive 30-50% power savings** for the most demanding sustained Wi-Fi use cases
  • Modulation: 4K QAM
  • Standards: 802.11be (Wi-Fi 7 – certification expected upon program launch), 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 6), 802.11ac Wave 2, 802.11a/b/g/n), 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 6), 802.11ac Wave 2, 802.11a/b/g/n.

Key Bluetooth features include:

  • Bluetooth 5.3, LE Audio and ANT+ support
  •  Dual Bluetooth support
  • Snapdragon Sound technology to deliver:
    • 16-bit 44.1khz CD Lossless Bluetooth audio quality
    • 24-bit 96kHz high-resolution Bluetooth audio quality
    • 32kHz super wideband voice support for crystal clear calls
    • Gaming mode, with 68ms low latency audio for lag-free gaming and a voice channel for in-game chat
    • Stereo recording for creators, enabling recorded content with stereo sound
    • Robust connectivity even in very busy RF environments
    • LE Audio for personal audio sharing and broadcast for listeners to share streams or join others

Products featuring FastConnect 7800 Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.3 solutions will be commercially available in the second half of 2022.