Top 30 Qt Apps To Show Off Your Symbian Phone

Qt (pronounced “cute”) has been waved by Nokia for over a year as the next best thing since sliced bread, and the ultimate savior of Symbian. Despite Nokia’s decision to move to Windows Phone as a main smartphone platform, developers seem to stay committed to Qt now, producing some wonderful applications.

I have to admit, I was dubious at first, I mean we were once promised the moon with Web Runtime Widgets and we all know how that went: slow, clunky. So Qt wasn’t flying in my books until I decided to give Qt apps the benefit of the doubt. And lo-and-behold: they are actually good. Yes, yes, I kid ye not! Below, you will find a list of the best 30 applications based on Qt that you can get and install in order to enjoy a breath of fresh air on your Symbian phone and show off to your friends.


  1. TwimGo (free, download) : a Twitter client with all the bells and whistles, timeline, replies, direct messages, users, search, lists, trends, and even image previews.
  2. Kasvopus (free, download) : the cleanest and fastest Facebook application I’ve seen, with timeline, friend walls, photo albums, comments and likes, and even events.
  3. FriendChat (free, download) : an instant messaging application for Facebook Chat. Simply log in and connect to your friends anywhere.
  4. AudioBoo (free, download) : the official AudioBoo app for Symbian, based on Qt, with recording, uploading, and following popular boos and friends.
  5. Different Tack (free, download) : another Twitter client with a twist, literally. You spin your finger on the bottom half of the screen and you move through tweets, options, and timeline or replies or messages.
  6. NewsFlow (free, download) : there aren’t many Google Reader clients on Symbian, and NewsFlow doesn’t aim very high. Basic features, but it works, and it looks good at it.
  7. Gmail Apps Browser (free, download) : although the name hints at Gmail, this application lets you access the mobile version of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Tasks and Google Buzz.
  8. WordPress (free, download) : if you’re a blogger, then you probably heard of WordPress. This app will let you access multiple blogs, manage comments, write posts, add images and follow your stats.


  1. Wikitude (free, download) : spin around and view Wikipedia articles on locations around you, Flickr images taken by others, or really hundreds of other content categories in this augmented reality application.
  2. Layar (free, download) : quite similar to Wikitude, Layar has been a hit on Android & iOS, and this is no exception. View restaurants, shops, touristic spots and much more around you.
  3. Poynt (free, download) : Poynt leaves the augmented reality aspect, but focuses on showing you points of interests around you, and guiding you to them with Ovi Maps.


  1. Flake (free, download) : a weather application with support for multiple locations, 5-day forecast, temperature graphs and a world map view of the weather.
  2. Toshl (free, download) : a personal expense tracker that lets you add your daily expenses, see the categories you spent most on, and control your spending habits.
  3. Dropian (free, download) : one of the first decent Dropbox clients for Symbian: lets you access your Dropbox folders and files, upload new ones, and download what you need.
  4. Nokia Drop (free, download) : a BetaLabs application, that lets you push links and images from your computer’s browser to your phone.
  5. Qt Quick Shopping List (free, download) : create multiple shopping lists, add and remove items in them, and specify the quantity of each. Then you can check/uncheck items as you go to the market and start buying them.
  6. ESPN F1 (free, download) : a Formula 1 app for the fans that lets you read the latest news, track the races, look at drivers statistics, and more.
  7. Calculator Qt (free, download) : a simple calculator with a memory function, but looks and works much better than the built-in calculator.
  8. Timer Qt (free, download) : it’s a lap timer, with unlimited laps, and the ability to start and stop the recording when you want.
  9. Converter Qt (free, download) : a stylish converter, that works on weight, length, volume, temperature, and other categories, with the essential units in each.
  10. QuickStocks (free, download) : a beautiful stocks app, with summary view, the ability to add your own stocks, and a detailed view with weekly, monthly, yearly statistics and more.


  1. Molo.Me (free, download) : the Instagram-equivalent for Symbian. Snap a picture, apply effects like retro camera looks, color picking, different tones, and then share them to Twitter and Facebook.
  2. ColorizIt (0.80$, download) : make the colors in your photos pop, by letting them shine while the rest of the image goes black and white. Share to Twitter and Facebook too.
  3. QuickPanorama Pro (2.29$, download) : a panorama application that automatically stitches photos together, with sharing to Twitter or Facebook enabled.
  4. QuickFlickr (free, download) : a Flickr browser application that lets you view your friends pictures, favorite them, and check their details.
  5. Lapsed (free, download) : make time-lapsed videos from photos shot every few minutes. Perfect for sunrises, sunsets, and other events that last a few hours.


  1. PanoWallpaper (free, download) : this application lets you split your widescreen photos into 2 or 3 separate images that you can later set as panoramic wallpapers for you different homescreens.
  2. Moodagent (free, download) : create music playlists based on your mood. Angry? Sad? Happy? Set your mood sliders and Moodagent will pick your music and share it on Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Geeky Avatar (0.80$, download) : create avatars with many skin tones, hair and accessories, and assign them as contact pictures in your phonebook.
  4. Voice Recorder Qt (free, download) : a simple voice recorder that lets you save multiple recordings and listen to them when you want.

What’s Your Best Qt App?

So that’s my list. I didn’t include any games, because there are many based on Qt out there. However, I might have missed a couple of apps out there. What is your favorite Qt app for Symbian? Is it anywhere on this list? Or did I miss it?