Google Meet gets support for cross-domain livestreams and live captions

Google Meet, the video conferencing app of Google Workspace, is getting two new features that will improve its live-streaming capabilities. Users can now invite people from other domains for their live streams, and they can also enable live captions for improved accessibility.

At the moment, Google Meet allows users to host live streams with up to 100,000 participants (in some editions). One of the limitations was that only accounts within the host’s domain could be invited for these live streams.

Now Google has added a feature where admins of the domain can enable cross-domain live-streaming, with the ability to invite guests from a trusted Workspace domain.

The second feature that Google added is support for captions on live streams, which is a great accessibility feature for deaf and hard-of-hearing users, and for users who have their audio turned off but still want to follow the live stream.

Captions for live streams and cross-domain live-streaming support will be added to all Google Workspace accounts by July 27th, 2021. Cross-domain live-streaming in particular will require admins of the domain to enable the feature once it rolls out.