Google Photos working on new Android widget for Memories

One of the many updates that are coming with Android 12 later this year is the redesign of widgets. In preparation for these new widgets, Google is reportedly developing a new widget for Google Photos that will show Memories from before.

Memories is a feature in Google Photos that will pick certain older images and videos from the user’s photo library and bring it up to the user as a memory. Photos will usually show these memories in the app itself or sometimes bring them up via a notification.

The widget was spotted from an apk teardown of Google Photos v5.49, with the name “Your Memories” When adding it for the first time, the phone will prompt the user to confirm which Google account should be displayed.

The widget appears to have a 2×2 dimension and once added, will show memories from a year ago. According to the code, Google Photos will pick photos from that particular week a year ago.

Google will likely release the widget along with the launch of Android 12 itself. Until then, they will continue developing it in the background.