Sony Ericsson affected by Earthquake in Japan

After being hit by the largest earthquakes ever recorded followed by a deadly tsunami that slammed into the Japan’s east coast, leaving a huge swath of devastation, Sony Ericsson is one of the companies which has been affected by the disaster, since Tokyo has been the their hub from the beginning. The company has been closely following the situation in Japan and has been doing all that is needed for the safety of their employees. There are approximately 1100 employees (including consultants) working at both the offices in Tokyo, and confirms that no employee was injured, and no major damage  has been done to their offices. The affected area in northern Japan supplies a large portion of the world’s electronics industry with components, and the current situation also seems to impact Sony Ericsson’s business.

Sony Ericsson seems to be in contact with all their key suppliers in the region and have been identifying the possible relocation of certain component manufacturing. Although the full impact of the current situation was not yet assessed, Sony Ericsson anticipates disruption to its supply chain operations. The company also adds that it is continuously monitoring its supplier situation daily, in real time, and promises to keep the retail customers informed about the status of their specific supply. The XPERIA Arc and Play are expected to hit stores soon and it’s not clear if they would be delayed.