Google Chrome v86 will now hide intrusive notification content

Google has been working a lot in the background to improve the user experience of notifications in their Chrome browser. Their latest Chrome 86 update has brought a new change which is an added enforcement for websites that have been detected to send abusive notification content.

With this change, Chrome will not only check if a website sends intrusive notifications, it will now focus on the content of the notification itself. It will be triggered by sites that have a history of sending these type of notifications, with content such as tricking users into accepting the notification permission for malicious purposes.

Once detected, Chrome will automatically display the permission requests using a quieter UI, which was introduced with Chrome v84. Users will see a small crossed-out bell icon in their address bar, which when clicked on will show users the option to allow the notification or continue blocking. The feature will also come to Chrome v86 for mobile.

When Chrome detects a site is using any type of notification abuse, the Search Console will send an email to registered site owners, giving them 30 days notice before the enforcement begins.

Google has already begun rollout for Chrome v86 for the desktop and mobile and the feature should be automatically enabled.