Google Messages app testing conversation categorizations

While most of us these days use WhatsApp, Telegram and other instant messaging services for our conversations, SMS is still a very prevalent way for users to receive OTPs, transaction confirmations, offers and of course a lot of spam too. Google is now reportedly testing a feature in their Messages app that will automatically categorize incoming SMS messages, reducing clutter.

The feature itself is quite simple. In a row, at the of the app, Messages will now show various categories of the user’s messages. As mentioned earlier, these can include regular conversations with your friends, transaction confirmations from banks and retail stores, OTP messages, offers, etc. The app will automatically categorize them, increasing the organization and reducing clutter in the app.

The feature does already exist in other third-party SMS applications, hence it is nice to see it being integrated into a default Google app. It is still in its testing phase so it is unclear as to when will Google roll it out widely.