Bank of America testing Mobile Wallet with NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphones

2011 is seen by many as the year of NFC or Near Field Communication. Google released the Nexus S with NFC capabilities. The technology  was expected to go mainstream towards the end of the year.  But Bank of America has already started its testing, inviting its customers to trial their new mobile payment service program, the Mobile Wallet. For the time being, this program runs only on BlackBerry smartphones, and to make your device NFC capable, BOA sends out a new SD card and a replacement battery cover equipped with a special antenna, on the day the trial begins. The screenshot at the top shows the list of BlackBerry phones that are compatible to download the Mobile Wallet application. The phones can be used to make your payments at any location that accepts Mastercard’s Paypass. The trial program is expected to begin sometime in this Spring.

So get ready to experience a whole new way to make your payments!